Obsession by Ali Complete novel download pdf

Obsession by Ali

Obsession by Ali complete novel. The novel is based on romantic Urdu novels in which he pointed out our social and family issues. Story of the novel revolves around Social issues and love story. It is very famous, social, romantic Urdu novel that is publishing on group of Prime Urdu Novels. Prime Urdu Novels promote new writers to write online and show their writing abilities and talent. We gives a platform to new writers to write and show the power of their words.

Writer’s Introduction:

My name is Mohammad Ali Shah, you can call me Ali. I have raised in Riyadh Saudi Arabia by sweetest parents on earth along my two elder sisters and three elder brothers. I am the youngest in the family and a prince of a family of eight. I have completed my Bachelor of Commerce in Karachi Pakistan and currently working in a very reputed Law Firm in Jeddah Saudi Arabia with my only daughter. I am a very imaginative person and from a very young age I have been imagining some stories and characters whom I never met in real life. This is where I found the urge to write those characters on computer. After re-drafting those novels now, I am ready to publish them. Mere Khayalon…. Holds a very special place in my heart and I hope my readers also find the same magic which I have found in it.

He has written many famous novels for his readers including

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Obsession by Ali Complete novel download pdf (True Story)

are some of his most popular novels. These novels will surely grab your attention. Readers like to read his novels because of his unique writing style.

Obsession by Ali complete novel is available to download in pdf and online reading. Click the links below to download pdf or free online reading this novel. For better result click on the image to zoom it.

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وہ ایک چالاک، امیر، بگڑا ہوا اور ہوس سے بھرپور لڑکا تھا۔ اس نے شہر کی ہر دوسری لڑکی کے ساتھ ایک رات گزاری ہے اور کبھی بھی حدود کو پار کرنے سے پیچھے نہیں ہٹا۔ امیر باپ کا بگڑا ہوا بیٹا یہ جانتا ہے کہ وہ ناقابل شکست ہے۔ لڑکیاں اُسکی مٹھی میں قید ہیں۔ مگر ایک رات جب اُسکی ملاقات سمرین سے ہوی، اُسے اندازہ ہوا کہ جس تاقت پر اُسے غرور ہے دراصل سمرین کے سامنے کچھ نہیں۔ سمرین نے اُسکی زندگی میں قدم رکھا اور اُسکے بعد اُسکی زندگی ایک ایسے اندھیرے میں ڈوبی جہاں سے واپسی قریب قریب ناممکن ہے۔

اوبسیشن اپنی نوعیت کا ایک الگ اور انوکھا ناول ہے جسکی شروعوات اور اختتام پڑھنے والوں کو دنگ کردیگی۔ محبت اور سسپینس کی یہ عجیب داستاں اپنے پڑھنے والوں کو ایک الگ ہی دنیا میں لے جایگی۔

مصنف علی کے قلم سے نکلا یہ شاہکارآپکو حیران کرنے پر مجبور کردیگا۔

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