Jag se niraly complete novel pdf by Yamna Ahmed.

Jag se niraly by Yamna Ahmed

Jag se niraly by Yamna Ahmed Complete novel. This story is about a Boy whose mother died when he was young, whose father left him alone. He was brought up by his grandmother, uncles and aunts. They gave him lots of love and care but due to his childhood traumas he was unable to trust people and wants to live on his own but he was so grateful for his grandma and uncles who brought him up.

His three uncles with their wifes and children lives together with love, care, joy, compromise and little fights. All the people of the house respects Grandmother and her decisions. All the children were teenagers and they love and care about each other alot and can’t live without each other. Their household was a symbol of love.

This story is also about a girl whose brothers sold her out to the most cruel people for the sake of money but Allah had another decision for her. She was saved and brought back to her Father and Husband who were also brutally attacked by the Man who kidnapped her. After so many hardships she started living happily with her loved ones and those cruel people had a very bad end. Allah can never leave free those who hurt His creation.

It is very famous, social, romantic kidnaping based, funny Urdu novel that is publishing on group of Prime Urdu Novels. Prime Urdu Novels promote new writers to write online and show their writing abilities and talent. We gives a platform to new writers to write and show the power of their words.

Yamna Ahmed is an emerging new writer and it’s her new novel that is being written for our platform. She has written many famous novels for her readers. These novels will surely grab your attention. Readers like to read her novels because of her unique writing style.

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