Kuj menu maran da shoq vi si by Asia Mirza complete novel review

Kuj menu maran da shoq vi si by Asia Mirza is a famous social romantic Urdu novel. Its first published in monthly Khawateen Digest in late 90’s. This novel is based on Second marriage based story and cousin marriage based story. Asia Mirza is a very famous Digest writer who wrote many famous novels in diffrent Pakistani monthly Digest. She wrote on our social issues and her novels demand shows her popularity in her readers. Dil ek shehr e junoon, Teri talab ke seep uthaey, Yeh jafaey gham ka chara, Hari hay shakh e tamana abhi, Dil darya samundaron dohnge, Dukh ka darya sukh ka sagar are her some of most famous novels.

Kuj menu maran da shoq vi si novel summary

kujh menu maran da shoq vi si is a simply beautiful love story by Asia Mirza. The natural flow of Asia Mirza’s magical writing binds the reader in a never ending charm. Story begins with strict “Dadi”, who forces her son to send her studious, and non-social granddaughter’s to a family wedding to Multan.

Roshane the studious girl who has no interest in family gatherings and Palwsha childish and enthusiastic girl travel by train to Multan. During the journey Roshane gets injured and is treated by Dr.Talal. Who is young, bachelor and strict surgeon who despises marriage due to the incidents happened with his sister Lalarukh.

Lalarukh a very beautiful and charming woman. She got divorced after some miss understandings created by her in-laws. She lived at her parent’s with her cute son Hamza. It’s everyone’s wish to have Roshane in Teal’s life. But Talal’s rude nature and Roshane’s delicate emotions create a lot of misunderstandings.

On the other hand, Mustafa, Talal’s close friend who loved Lalarukh since his student life returns and finds out about Lali’s divorce and wishes to marry her. Lalarukh’s experience with previous marriages makes her to react strongly against this proposal but Talal blackmails her to marry Mustafa or else he will leave Roshane forever.

While this serious situation is happening, the fun guy Khurram falls in love with innocent Palwsha and later play very crucial role in rebinding the relation of Talal and Roshane. Lalarukh’s ex-husband claims his rights on his son, asking Mustafa to leave Lalarukh. Mustafa agrees on his terms, which causes Lalarukh another heartache as she had fallen in love with Mustafa. Judging by her expressions and her reaction, Yousuf (Lalarukhs’s ex-husband) lets Hamza go, and returns back regrets. The whole story is all about the fact that the love has never seen failure, the triumph of love over all the difficulties and beautiful touch of emotion, laugh and cry. Family and friends will leave the reader surrounded by amazing happiness and a smile on their lips.

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Kuj menu maran da shoq vi si by Asia Mirza

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