Kothe ki malika by Syeda Noor-ul-ain Complete novel download pdf

Kothe ki malika by Syeda Noor-ul-ain

Kothe ki malika by Syeda Noor-ul-ain complete novel.

* In This Novel (Kothe Ki Malika) I’m telling you about different classes of society and how they usually reacted towards each other. My first and one of the main best character of this novel is Malika. She is a dancer as bcoz she’s showing her work in the beginning but when u will read novel you can know about the real character of Malika. And my Second and most important characters are Kabir and Kanwal. They faced their multi issues of life sometimes domestic or sometimes social. But they both are very brave. In this novel you will see both protagonistic and antagonistic characters of one society. Where most richest person who is not happy with his luxuries. He will go out everyday for finding peace anywhere. And on the other side you will see how a poor girl want to get enough money for her necessities of life. And how people’s react towards different classes, gender,profession etc….

And the most great information of Psychology you will know….bcoz its very important for new generation to know and their parents as well. Mental health should be good and awareness about mental health is necessary.

       I have been done my Two Complete Novels…

1) Tum Ajnabi Nahi

2) Mujhe Parhna Hai

     And English Urdu Articles/Short Stories/Urdu Poems….as well !

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It is very famous, social, romantic Urdu novel that is publishing on group of Prime Urdu Novels. Prime Urdu Novels promote new writers to write online and show their writing abilities and talent. We gives a platform to new writers to write and show the power of their words.

Syeda Noor Ul Ain is an emerging new writer and it’s her new novel that is being written for our platform. She has written many famous novels for her readers including

Tum ajnabi nahi by Syeda Noor Ul Ain Complete

Mujhy parhna hai by Syeda Noor Ul Ain Complete

Kothe ki malika by Syeda Noor-ul-ain Complete novel download pdf

are some of her most popular novels. These novels will surely grab your attention. Readers like to read her novels because of her unique writing style.

Kothe ki malika by Syeda Noor-ul-ain complete novel is available to download in pdf and online reading. Click the links below to download pdf or free online reading this novel. For better result click on the image to zoom it.

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How to download

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Kothe ki malika by Syeda Noor-ul-ain Online Reading

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